Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fri and Sat

Yesterday I did 4 miles. Went fine. It's funny how 4 miles gets to be no big deal! I just knocked it out. I ran some again. Sometimes when I am feeling well I run 5 times in a row around the track. That's a qtr mile so it just speeds things up.

Today I did 16 miles! Yikes. I am sore. I was going to walk in a local 5K fundraiser for a ministry for couples struggling with infertility but it was raining at the start time. I didn't want to get wet and then still have 13 miles to go. So, I just went to the Y and got started. I did 4 on the treadmill, then did 4 around the track. Then I went outside and did another 4 since the weather cleared up. Then I did the last 4 inside since it was starting to sprinkle. It went OK overall but when I was done I thought there is no way I could do 10 more miles right now. I am glad I still have about 6 weeks of training to go. I need it! Tomorrow is Easter! And a rest day!

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