Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Days

Monday I ended up walking with my mother, Lothar and the kids. We pushed Michael in the stroller but Mallory walked. It was nice to have them along and just chat and not push it. Tuesday I did a fast what I thought was 4 miles. I timed myself out 30 minutes and back 30 minutes thinking that would be 4 miles. Later I clocked the mileage in the car and actually did 4.8 miles in that amount of time so I must be doing better than a 15 minute mile. That was it! My last training walk. Today I will swing by the Y and have the gal who has kept the kids in the Kids Korner sign my marathon shirt. And maybe one or two others there. The kids are off to a day camp at Michael's preschool so I will have 4 hours to reclaim the house after Michael's big party and get ready for the weekend.

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