Thursday, May 26, 2011


So last Friday I took the day off after my 20 miler. Saturday I walked 4 miles in our neighborhood. During the walk I saw a house with nice cardboard boxes on the side of the road. I had a vision they would be cute with Wonka spray painted on the side and stacked up for decorations at Michael's upcoming birthday party. So, I stopped and asked if I could have them. The man was so nice. He dumped everything out and broke them down for me and gave me two unused ones. So I toted (nice southern word) them home at the end of my walk.

Sunday I took the day off.

Monday, I did 5 miles. Again it was overcast, ahhhh.

Tuesday, I did 6 miles after our MOPS brunch at Jackie's.

Wednesday I went with Mallory's class to the zoo in Lville so didn't have a chance to fit in a proper walk.

Today is my birthday so it will be busy but I will try and go at least 6 after Michael's picnic.

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