Monday, February 21, 2011

What I've done so far...

Tuesday, Feb 15- walked about 20 minutes inside the Y on the track. Went fine. You have to dodge people quite a bit and it's pretty boring walking in circles but it's manageable and climate controlled which is good.

Wed., Feb 16-walked around the track about 20-25 minutes

Thur, Feb 17-decided to try the treadmill. Used my headphones to watch tv as I walked. I went 30 minutes. I really don't care for the treadmill. My friend Jeanine who did the Portland Marathon with me in Sept of 01 trained exclusively on a treadmill so it's possible. I just really don't like this method.

Fri, Feb 18-30 min on the treadmill again, went at a 4 miles per hour pace which I will need to improve on for the actual marathon

Sat, Feb 19 walked in our neighborhood, ahhhhh, this is what I like best. I don't use an mp3 but just walk and look around. It's much more enjoyable and much less boring. Cons: major hills in our neighborhood, but if I train on hills I should do better on the marathon course; also, I don't have someone to watch Michael so can really only do outdoors on Mondays and Saturdays when Paul is off.

Sunday, Feb 20-took the day off, rest

Monday, Feb 21-45 minutes in our neighborhood. Weather was nice, perfect walk. Figure I did nearly 3 miles. It's getting easier. Still a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go.

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